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Specializing in rentals and marketing of vacation properties in Grenada, West Indies (Caribbean); Vacation Hunters, one of 3 companies operated under the umbrella of Real Estate Hunters, rents out and markets short term vacation rental properties in Grenada, including villas, holiday apartments, beach houses, cottages, vacation/holiday homes and specialty properties available for short term rental.


For the Vacationer: There is no agent cost for you. We work to get you your ideal place at no charge.


For the Vacation Property Owner: We work hard on your behalf to keep your vacation property filled with guests.


As our name Vacation Hunters suggests, we aggressively employ traditional and emerging marketing and sales techniques to find and match qualified vacation/holiday makers with suitable vacation rental properties in Grenada. Grenada has vast amounts of vacation rental properties to suit everyone’s needs, tastes and budgets. Our mission is to hunt down and catalogue all short term vacation or holiday rental properties in Grenada along with every detail of their attributes and offerings. But we do not stop there! We also hunt down travelers and vacationers of every kind, collecting detailed information on the type of vacation property or accommodation they seek. Vacation Hunters will find you exactly the property or guests you are seeking.

Both vacation property owners and their potential guests have very specific needs and standards – not all of them compatible. That’s where Vacation Hunters comes in: locating the common ground and working to find the compromises needed to get the deal done. That philosophy – commonality and compromise – will be applied to your situation, and will form the basis of a successful transaction and a fulfilling experience for all parties.

Vacation Hunter’s agents are familiar with the laws, regulations, and norms pertaining to Real Estate rentals in Grenada. Our services aim to promote efficient and peaceful ownership and occupancy of the rental properties we represent.  Our expansive corporate memory, integrity, high enthusiasm for the job, and willingness to work hard will produce the results you are seeking from your Vacation Hunters Grenada Real Estate Agent.

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Choose from our luxurious private villas or luxury hotels in Grenada....


Vacation Hunters is fast becoming a favourite Vacation Real Estate Marketing and Rental Agency for Grenada's Hotels and Resorts.  Contact us today to find or book your own wonderful Vacation Home on beautiful Grenada.


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Luxury, Waterfront, Asian Inspired Five Bedroom Villa with...

Luxury, Waterfront, Asian Inspired Five Bedroom Villa with Large Swimming...

VH 114 - Fushi Villa by Vacation Hunters, Grenada

Luxury, Waterfront, Asian Inspired Five Bedroom Villa with Large Swimming...

VH 112 - Villa Solitaire by Vacation Hunters, Grenada



Featured Vacation Rental Properties

VH 114 - Fushi Villa by Vacation Hunters, Grenada

Luxury, Waterfront, Asian Inspired Five Bedroom Villa with Large Swimming...

VH 102 - Solamente Una Vez by Vacation Hunters, Grenada

Gorgeous Five Bedroom, Beachfront, Spanish Hacienda-Style, Caribbean...

VH 107 - Swallow Villa by Vacation Hunters Grenada

Lovely Three Bedroom Caribbean Vacation...



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