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We will find you a home, land, or business for sale!! Hire us as your Property Hunters Grenada Real Estate Sales Agent!!


If you are interested in purchasing a real estate property in Grenada, please contact me – Property Hunters Grenada Real Estate Agent first. Make us your personal Real Estate agent and we will help you through the entire process of buying a house, land, or commercial property in Grenada, West Indies (Caribbean); starting with defining the type of Grenada real estate you want, to the search for the best mortgage financing and continuing right through the legal necessities for closing the sale – and beyond.

Buying a Grenada home or other real estate for sale is probably the largest investment you'll make in your lifetime. Having an experienced, knowledgeable Grenada Real Estate Hunters professional agent representing you in this transaction just makes good sense. Buying a home, land, or other Grenada Real Estate Property is not like buying a car, an appliance or other commodity. It is often a life-changing event. As your Grenada Property Hunters Real Estate agent, we fully understand the real estate process – and just as important, we understand the local market, Grenada. If a new nightclub is going to be built in the neighbourhood, we will know. If you are unsure about schools, hospitals and banking in the area, we will be able to direct you to answers. If you are unaware of a builder's reputation, we will know how you can confirm it. Property Hunters will also perform another important function: minimizing the emotion involved in a Grenada real estate purchase transaction. You may be in love with a house or piece of land for sale in Grenada, but your Grenada Real Estate Hunters agent can point out factors that might not make it right for you.

 We have the expertise, the experience, the know-how, and the Grenada Savvy. Contact us now so we can help you find and buy a fantastic piece of Real Estate in beautiful Grenada.


Preparation of Grenada Property Buyer's Information Form

Prequalification – Analysis of Buyer's Information

  • Determine your price range for the house, land, or other Real Estate Property for sale in Grenada, and discuss your ability to secure financing within that price range;


  •  If necessary, provide you a list of possible Grenada Lenders and contact persons to consider for financing your Real Estate purchase;


  • You should also begin researching the Grenada neighborhoods in which you might want to live. Property Hunters have compiled extensive information on Grenada, its parishes, its towns, its communities and neighborhoods. As your Grenada Real Estate Hunters agent, we will help you find the right neighborhood or community for your home, business, or investment property;


  • Decide which amenities and features you must have and which ones would be nice but are not necessary;


  • Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want;


  • Decide whether you would prefer a newer property, an older one with established landscaping or land in an established residential neighbourhood to build upon;


  • Once we have a good idea of how much property you can afford and what type of property suits you, we can now narrow down your search.


We have already tested the Grenada Real Estate market with other potential buyers.  We will share information with you so you can pick up where others have left off on their search for houses for sale, land for sale, and other real estate property for sale in Grenada. We will help you prepare a list of potential properties that will be more extensive and targeted than you can prepare yourself by just browsing websites, reading newspapers, or driving around; simply put, we have more Grenada Real Estate information, and up-to-date status on the properties for sale in Grenada than is available in any advertisement. That said, you can browse our properties right here on Here, you can find Grenada Real Estate for sale listings that generally meet your criteria as well as neighborhood data. See what's available for sale in your price range and explore neighborhoods. Identify Grenada properties that seem to be fits for you; take an afternoon and go on a driving tour. Alternatively, you can just contact us now and we will get you oriented.


  • With Property Hunters as your Grenada real estate Sales Agent, we now begin seriously looking at properties in the neighborhoods of your interest;
  • If necessary, we will add to or subtract from to the list of properties for sale we've already identified as we analyze your response to homes, land, or other Grenada real estate we have visited. We will also provide real estate sales information on properties that have just come on the Grenada market or are in the process of coming on the market.
  • We will help you look at Grenada Real Estate properties with a critical eye – does the floor plan work for you?... is the property in good condition?.... would it be right for your lifestyle?
  • We will take notes at each property for sale in Grenada you visit with us. What do you like and not like? This will help us further narrow down your choices of Grenada Real Estate.
  • We will arrange for you to re-visit properties in which you're interested; for example, to see them at different times of the day, when it rains, or during rush hour.


We will discuss your short list of properties with you and help you determine which ones to make an offer on.

When you've identified the particular property you want to buy in Grenada, be prepared to help us, your Property Hunters - Grenada Real Estate Sales agent, prepare a written offer quickly. We will be familiar with market values and will help you arrive at a price that gives your offer the best chance of being accepted. At this stage, try not to become emotionally attached to a property. Your offer may not be accepted for any number of reasons. We will have backup properties in mind based on our earlier activities.

We will help you with the negotiation of purchase price and other terms such as closing date, down-payment requirements, repairs, etc., as your Property Hunters Grenada Real Estate Sales agent. Be prepared to negotiate through us with the sellers. Buying Grenada real estate is very emotional. When buyers and sellers are working directly with each other, they will often nitpick and try to get the last word in. As your Property Hunters Grenada Real Estate Sales Agent, we will serve as a buffer between the buyer and seller and take much of the emotion out of the process. We will work to find those compromises that will get the deal done. 

As you can see, while OUR objective is to find your property to buy in Grenada, there can be many important steps that must happen before you make a successful purchase. Buying your property in Grenada is not just about exchanging a deed for a cheque. We will remain knowledgeable of all the current and proposed real estate Grenada regulations and stay on top of all the details relevant to the purchase of your property. Managing the sale is a tough journey even for seasoned professional Grenada Real Estate Agent like us. Are you aware of Grenada Real Estate legal requirements as to what the seller must disclose? Do you know what escrow is? What about earnest money? Do you know how and what provisions must be included a Grenada Real Estate sales contract? Do you know the requirements for a Grenada Alien Land Holding License and how to ensure your application gets the best consideration? We know the answers to all these questions and know exactly what tasks to perform, and at what time to keep the transaction progressing efficiently to successful closing. Some of the tasks we will either inform or help manage once your offer is accepted may include:


  • Submittal of an earnest money or other deposit that usually isn't refundable;
  • Assistance with Grenada Alien Land Holding License;
  • Assistance with Grenada Legal Requirements (Title Search, Conveyance);
  • Professional property inspection;
  • If necessary, request repairs;
  • Professional property appraisal;
  • Assistance with obtaining homeowner's insurance;
  • Assistance with contacting utilities (phone, water, power, etc.);
  • A few days before closing, staging a walk-through;
  • At closing, help making sure the terms and conditions of the loan statement are correct.